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Occupation Battlemaster
Location Rocheste

This solider is in charge of screening Deathmatch applicants.

Battlemaster is a NPC standing near the gate of Rocheste Castle. There the player can apply to participate in a Deathmatch or a Free Match and use their Triumph Medals to craft PvP items.
Involved in the story For Honor.

Great honor is given to the guild that wins a Deathmatch.
~ 'Battlemaster'

Services Offered[]


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "The only way to win a Deathmatch is to massacre your opponents."
  • "We have a lot of people ready to kill. You might have to wait "
  • "I'll be expecting a great match. Hope we see some innards!"
  • "I see you're part of today's matches. Are you prepared to take lives for glory?"
  • "Which guilds do you think will be crushed and ground underfoot?"
  • "I've heard of some unscrupulous folk making sidebets on these honorable proceedings. (He shoots you a suspicious look.) You're not one of them, are you?"
  • "A Deathmatch is a sacred battle of honor and wits. And blood. The blood of the weak."
  • "Great honor is given to the guild that wins a Deathmatch."