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Battle of Rocheste Tab.png
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The enemy moves by land and water at once. Focus only their land invasion, and it will spell the death of you.
Battle Name Battle of Rocheste Raid.png
Mission Defeat Cesar (*P)
Difficulty Lv.100 or above
Leads to
Location Fort Cessair

This battle's is limited to 39000 attack power.

Fatigue Cost: 24%
Quick Battle Optimal Requirements
ATT: 35000 DEF: 19000 Critical: 162
Balance: 78 Add. Damage: 4000 Counterforce: 131
64,700 Gold 1,499,200 Experience (Icon).png 50→ Ability Point (Icon).png
Battle Limit 1 per day Max Party Size 4 players
Appearance Season 4 Time Limit 60 minutes
Mid Boss(es) His Divine Armor Golem End Boss(es) His Divine Armor Cesar


Quest given by: Brakis
Related quests:

  • Erinn's New King.


  • His Divine Armor Soldier
  • His Divine Armor Archer
  • His Divine Armor Knight
Mid Boss
  • His Divine Armor Golem
End Boss


Main Mission[]

Mission Requirement Gold Gained Experience Gained AP Gained
Defeat Cesar (*P) 64,700 Gold (Icon).png 1,499,200 Experience (Icon).png 50 Ability Point (Icon).png

Bonus Missions[]

Mission Requirement Gold Gained
Destroy a part of Cesar's gear 19,900 Gold (Icon).png
Defeat the boss without being incapacitated 19,900 Gold (Icon).png


  • Milletian Helm
  • Milletian Mail
  • Milletian Greaves
  • Milletian Gauntlets
  • Milletian Boots
  • The Book of the Milletian

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