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Full list of battles: Battles

For Information on tokens, please see: Tokens

For the Oaths; Solo mission, finish mission with 2 players or less, finish mission with 3 players or less, and finish mission with 4 players or less, please see the page on assisting.

The oath "Warriors challenge(solo mission)" is a special oath. It lowers the map count to balance it out for 1 person.

There are 2 pages that I strongly insist you read. The Ferryman of Vindictus and Assist. Both are extremely helpful for getting BP, getting BP without wasting tokens, and getting titles. Not to mention I've met far to many moronic people who don't know anything about assisting e.g. "I'm not accepting your assist, having over the max amount of people breaks the game" "I will not get my BP if you assist" "Having you assist will cost me more tokens"... Please people... Try reading and learning something.

"Solo-ability" ratings are ratings given by me to show how easy it is to solo that particular mission based on the level you should receive it. More stars represent harder skill level. It really depends on a players ability, therefore these ratings are not set in stone.

There is a chance you will get the map that the mid-boss does not appear on, but there are some levels where the mid-boss will spawn no matter what.