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The Avatar Shop is a microtransaction-based store from which you can purchase various cosmetic changes for your Vindictus characters, some of which also confer stat/attribute buffs. Items are paid for with NX currency (purchased with real-world money) instead of being purchased with in-game Gold currency.

  • You can access the Avatar Shop only from an in-game interface for each specific character, which is identical to the character creation interface but with more options.
  • As you customize your character with the Avatar Shop, a running total of the NX required to purchase the customizations appears in the lower left of the interface.
  • If you have enough NX currency available for use on your game account, you can purchase all of the listed changes.
  • Some items are permanent customizations to your character, while others are temporary changes that last only for a certain amount of time (usually 30 days). When a temporary customization ends, that aspect of your character's appearance is automatically reverted to the way it looked at initial character creation.

Tip: Some items have a "permanent" option that is not visible in the interface unless you scroll down.

Available Avatar Shop categories: