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Astera Set

Sword-Breaker.png Astera Weapon Astera Helm.png Astera Helm
Astera Mail.png Astera Mail Astera Greaves.png Astera Greaves
Astera Gauntlets.png Astera Gauntlets Astera Boots.png Astera Boots
Set Bonus
3 Pieces: DEF +265, HP +220, INT +101, Stamina +5, STR +74
4 Pieces: DEF +320, HP +260, INT +128, Stamina +6, STR +94
5 Pieces: DEF +375, HP +300, INT +155, Stamina +7, STR +114
6 Pieces: DEF +430, HP +340, INT +182, Stamina +10, STR +134
Total Set Effects (without Set Bonus)
DEF+12049 STR+900 AGI+450 INT+1215 WIL+400 Critical Resistance+114
Full Set Restrictions
Required Level: 100
Required Skill Rank: Weapon Mastery Rank 7
Armor Mastery Rank 7
  • Total Set Effects do not include weapon's effects.

How to Obtain[]

Crafted by Dianann after completing the battle quest Suprise Attack.

Applicable Items[]

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