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Asher (NPC).png
Original Name Ahir
Alignment Coffer Chasers Guild
Race Human
Occupation Coffer Chasers Guild Member
Location Coffer Chasers Guild, Malina

A recent addition to the Coffer Chasers of Malina.
Esyllt's had him wrapped around her little finger since they were kids. He begged Tristan to let him join the guild, but he hasn't been sent on any commissions yet.

Asher is a young man and a member of the Coffer Chasers Guild. He spends most of his time complaining of the lack of vacations days
and commenting on how hot the women of Malina are, much to the disgust of fellow female member Esyllt.

I hate having to hang around here and wait for orders...
~ 'Asher'

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "You're in a good mood today."
  • "I wish I got vacation days."
  • "Allysse's great to look at, but... ya know... unstable. I saw her trying to rip the beard right off of Turhan's face for rough-housing in her inn one time. Not like Emma. She's so cool and composed. And hot. Really, really hot."
  • "Tristan keeps running me ragged, but I guess it's what I've gotta do. Just wish I could get a couple days off..."
  • "When are they going to let me go out on my own? I know I'm ready. I just wish Tristan would see it. I hate having to hang around here and wait for orders..."
  • "The guild's kinda quiet, huh? I mean, except for that incident earlier with the... Uh, I mean, real quiet. Don't tell Esyllt I said anything, okay?"