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The information here is outdated!!!!

Lugh Lamhfada's Armor set it NOT crafted with Armorsmithing! It is crafted with Tailoring.

I cannot figure out how to update the craft lists however.
As an Armorsmith, one is able to craft Light, Heavy and Plate armors as well as Shields and Giant shields. This Expertise can be taught by Brakis at the Royal Army Base in Rocheste.

Beginner Armorsmithing (0-99)[]

Apprentice Armorsmithing (100-199)[]

Journeyman Armorsmithing (200-300)[]

"Season 2 Update" Armorsmithing (300-350)[]

Armorsmithing 300-350 is automatically obtained by learning Journeyman Armorsmithing.

Professional Armorsmithing (350-399)[]

Professional Armorsmithing is learned by purchasing Advancement Test: Pro Armor Smith from Brakis.