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Appearance of a Small Bear Tab.png
Gwynn (Battle Icon).png
I've heard reports of a certain kobold who travels with a small bear. That kobold possesses a sack that bears the emblem of the Pontiff's Court. Defeat that kobold and bring me that sack.
~ Gwynn on Appearance of a Small Bear
Battle given by: Gwynn
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Bonus Mission
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained
10 Obtain Bear Skin Belt 1,000 Gold (Icon).png
10 Obtain Gold Ore 1,100 Gold (Icon).png
15 Kill White Bear x2 with normal attacks (P) 1,300 Gold (Icon).png
20 Defeat Black Bear twice with spears (P) 1,500 Gold (Icon).png
10 Obtain 2+ Polar Bear Leather 1,100 Gold (Icon).png
Oath of Honor
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement EXP Gained
20 Win within 14 min 10,700 Experience (Icon).png
20 Win without Phoenix Feathers 10,100 Experience (Icon).png
20 Win without secondary weapons 10,300 Experience (Icon).png
30 Season of Macha (difficulty up) 15,300 Experience (Icon).png
20 Win without repairing armor 10,100 Experience (Icon).png
Appearance of a Small Bear
Hoarfrost Depths.png
Location Hoarfrost Depths
Prerequisites Ocean Scent

(At least 100 BP)

Leads to Hoarfrost Hollow in Flames

(At least 100 BP)

Mission Defeat Friendly Eweroch (*P)

(20 BP given)

Time limit 60 minutes
Battle limit No Limits
Minimum level 46
Recommended 50
Mid boss(es) Polar Bear, Black Bear
End Boss(es) Friendly Eweroch
Evil Cores Max: 5
Min: 3
Ability Points (AP) Max: 40 Ability Point (Icon).png
Min: 10 Ability Point (Icon).png
Rewards 4,000 Gold (Icon).png
33,900 Experience (Icon).png


  • There is one ore deposit in Area 2, on the bottom level on the right next to a ladder.
  • There is one ore deposit in Area 3, on the floor under the bridge in the far left corner before the end of the area.