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Aodhan (NPC).png
Original Name Aidan
Alignment Royal Army, Crimson Blade Mercenaries
Race Human
Occupation Crimson Blade Mercenary Captain
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

Aodhan is the proud leader of the Crimson Blade mercenaries in Colhen. He is often found at Mercenary Outpost. He leads the mercenaries with calmness and skill, but tends to worry about their well-being like a doting father, which is why he is greatly supported by other members of the Crimson Blade mercenaries.

He prioritizes the elimination of the Fomors and protection of Colhen over anything else. While courteous and serious most of the time, Aodhan morphs into a blood-thirsty madman on the battlefield. He seems troubled by something from his past but refuses to speak about his personal life.

Aodhan has a wife named Danaryn and two daughters: Rudell and Yusey.

Against the Fomors, we must be merciless.
Any Fomor spared is a risk to my men.
~ 'Aodhan'


Spoiler: (Episode 4) Aodhan claims that his family were killed by Fomorians. There were unique marks on the door in the Ruins of Sanctity before the fight with the Giant Spider. The marks were presumably from a Lycanthrope.
Spoiler: (Episode 5) Through the journey in Hilder Forest Ruins, Aodhan receives many flashbacks about his family. It is revealed that Aodhan's family is displeased of him being drunk and they don't mind his duty as a Mercenary. When they died, Aodhan became reckless and was willing to take vengeance.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Against the Fomors, we must be merciless. Any Fomor spared is a risk to my men."
  • "Marrec's been distancing himself from the rest of us, but he's hinted that you're one of the few people he trusts."
  • "We can't leave this town undefended. The Fomors may attack at any moment."
  • "(Aodhan gives you a cold stare.) Don't bring up family."
  • "I'm impressed. You have exceeded my expectations."
  • "Don't trust your sword, trust your comrades."
  • "Why do people wonder whether the gnolls are still part of the Fomors? It's irrelevant! They're hostile towards humans, so we bash their heads in. Simple as that."
  • "(Aodhan's face hardens.) It's not hard to piece together what happened in Ainle. The Fomors have started to attack peaceful settlements. That's why I have the Blades stationed here in Colhen."
  • "Admire the Royal Army, if you wish. But they have to walk on coal just to get permission to take a piss. Now, mercs, on the other hand, we don't have to wait. We do what needs getting done to keep people safe."
  • "(Aodhan rubs his forehead.) Marrec can't stand the sight of Gwynn. Whole thing gives me a headache. You're on good terms with both, <Fiona>. Mediate on my behalf, hm?"
  • "Tieve's naive. She thinks that because she can communicate with the Fomors, they're not entirely evil. (Aodhan sighs.) That girl'll see the truth when she's older."
  • "We're not sure exactly where the main Fomorian troops are at the moment. (Aodhan glances cautiously around the room.) But don't let that spread. People are scared enough."
  • "The Fomors are based in the mountains, but the bastards have dispatched troops throughout the land... (Aodhan scowls.) Throughout OUR land."


  • A character named Aodhan also appears in Mabinogi: Fantasy Life as the Captain Guard of Emain Macha.
  • In Episode 2: Shadow of the Fomor, you learn that Aodhan can read a bit of Fomorian.
  • When he was in the Royal Army he wore the Elite Commander Set (later given to the "rookie") and used twin swords (as shown in his flashbacks).