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Well first, this guide is created by me. And this guide is for people who are new to the battle, The God of Fomors.
WARNING: some people might not like this guide.


  • Well its really your choice what to put on the quickslot, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you should bring Phoenix Feather and Party Feather for all 24-man raids.
  • Your attack doubles when you get the Battle Focus, but I don't recommend you should bring weak wep cause of that. So I recommended to use a wep that gets you at least 10k attack, but most people would hate seeing bunch of 10k attack. :( 12k or higher, however, is *highly* recommended.
  • For Fionas, I think they should bring Armor Temporary Repair Kit just in case if their shields broke and don't have enough SP for SP: Shield Repair.


If you have 20 members or above on the party, only let lvl 60 or above to do most attacking and let lvl 59 or lower on balling (but some people just be an idiots and fights him anyway and dies).
Before fighting ALWAYS get the Battle Focus, it gives you HUGE benefits on fighting Ancient Elchulus.

The safest point to attack Elchulus would be his behind legs.

Break Off[]

The break offs on the battle is really hard, you would need several ballista to shoot the break point plus people attacking it, so try to aim accurately on the break points when you're using the ballista.
Spears and Sticky Bombs are useful for break offs.

Elchulus's Broken WingElchulus's Broken WingElchulus's HornElchulus's SpineElchulus's SpineElchulus's TailWhy the heck Gnoll Chieftain doing there?Translation: Mabinogi HeroesA Dragon standing tall with his wings wide open.
About this image

Roll the mouse over the image to find the break points of Ancient Elchulus.

How to Shoot Elchulus[]

I actually made a video for this.

NOTE: To make him fall you must shoot him 3 times quickly while he is far away from the side that he is flying into.

Additional Information[]

  • Light of Palalas, Small Bombs, and Mine Bombs are useless on this battle, so don't even bother bringing them.
  • Evie's SP: Reverse Gravity will only lifts him for short period of time, but if you have bunch of Evies using Reverse Gravity at the same time it will last longer.
  • When Ancient Elchulus shoots his black projectiles it can not be blocked by any defensive skills, so your only choice is either going to the shelter or dodging it.
  • Trans skills won't work on this battle, so if you need to increase your path level, trans first THEN enter the battle.


Well that's it folks, hope you find my first guide somewhat useful. --Jleetalk