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Ancient Braha
Ancient Beluach (Enemy).png
Type Giant
Location Ben Chenner Trailhead
(Boss of Island Ruins)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 3


Related Titles[]

  • Braha Conqueror
  • Braha Exterminator
  • Equal Opportunist


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes Braha's Chain Link, Braha's Nail, Braha's Broken Tooth, Braha's Branch Braha's Essence: Weapon, Braha's Essence: Shield, Braha's Essence: Giant Shield, Braha's Essence: Chest Armor, Braha's Essence: Head Armor, Braha's Essence: Feet Armor, Braha's Essence: Hand Armor, Braha's Essence: Leg Armor

Break Off Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.

Break Off Tips[]

  • Location: Center Jewel
    • Number of hits: Varies (Fine Bombs are required)
    • Reward: Random Braha Weapon or Armor Essence

Quest-Only Drops[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Slams the arena with one of its fists.
  • Grabs 3 bolts from its body and slams them into the ground;
    • Bolts remain on the battle area (until destroyed) and act as obstacles;
  • Slams its fists against each other.Can follow up with a slams with its palms.
    • Karok can use clash during its palm slam.
  • Roars and does consecutive slams with its fists;
    • Slams cause the the debris to fall from above the other side of battle area (the one with Braha);
  • Roars and does 2 slams with its fists the arena edges and does the third slam in the center, causing shockwave;
    • Slams on arena edges inflicts Weakness, which depletes players' stamina. Players can dodge the first two slams to avoid getting Weakness.
  • Places both its fists on the arena and does a swipe attack with either left or right fist.
  • Prepares his arm and does a grab attack. If not dodged, Braha bites the head of a player and smashes him into the ground with its palm.
    • This attack instantly kills the player.
  • Spews the poisoned saliva before him.
  • Does a punch attack with its fist after its Poison Spread is successfully stopped.
    • Pressing the switch when its fist reaches the wall results in its fist being pierced by spikes, stunning him for a long period of time. This allows a player to get up onto his arm and jump to the other Braha. Hitting the Switch too early or too late will not stun Braha and will not allow the other side to jump over, making the fight take longer due to the Dependency System.
  • Whenever a team of players is dead fighting against either Braha or Ancient Braha, he will constantly slam his fists and cause debris to fall from the sky on the other side.

Tips & Advice[]

  • Almost all of Braha and Ancient Braha's attacks are true unblockables, which means it cannot be dodged, guarded, crosscutted, shock absorbed, blockaded or drained. They can only be completely avoided by moving out of the way. Placing his hands down on the sides of the room, however, can be blocked, dodged or Cross Cut.
  • The crates with Fine Small Bombs are located on both sides of the battle area.\
  • You can only get the break off using the bombs and throwing it at Ancient Braha's center jewel.
  • Ancient Braha's Jewel is quicker to destroy, but does not reward Extra Cores. Braha's must be destroyed for Extra Cores to appear.
  • This battle uses a dependency system: a scale, which balances between Braha and Ancient Braha. During the battle, the scale will be tilted to each side the moment player attacks the boss. Depending on the scale, Braha's defense may either increase or decrease. However, the same dependency applies to boss on the opposite side of the arena (e.g. if the scale is tilted to the side of Braha, Ancient Braha receives more damage while Braha receives less).
    • The amount of increases/decreases depends on how far the scale is tilted.
  • In order to avoid Ancient Braha using its consecutive fist smashes, one or two players must aggro Ancient Braha while the others continue to deal damage to Braha;
  • To cross onto another side of the battle area, players need to press the button when Ancient Braha's mouth has been bombed. They can then climb onto his hand and walk to his back. In order to successfully cross to the other side, players must jump onto another boss's back using action command. This can only be done if both Brahas have successfully been stunned by the Gate.
    • Failing to jump results in player falling into the pit, instantly killing the player.
    • Normal jumps do not work
  • Karok can Clash Ancient Braha's palm slam attack

Additional Notes[]

  • Fights in pair and shares HP with Braha.
  • Fall into the pit results in instant death.

Concept Art[]

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