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Allysse (NPC).png
Original Name Eire
Alignment Malina
Race Human
Occupation Owner of the White Whale Inn
Location White Whale Inn, Malina

Allysse is the owner of the Malina White Whale Inn. She and her brother, Milo, came to Malina when they were childen. She's known to be a
cool-headed and trustworthy young woman, but her temper is legendary. She spends much of her time trying to wrangle her wild younger brother.

Welcome to the White Whale Inn.
What can I get you today?
~ 'Allysse'

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Welcome."
  • "Hi."
  • "What do you need?"
  • "I hope Milo's not causing you any trouble. The last thing I need is another angry mercenary trying to kill my little brother."
  • "My little brother was in an accident when he was young. It was... bad. Everyone tells me I'm overprotective, but they weren't there when I was stitching him up."
  • "Where did Milo go? I swear, if he's gotten into trouble again..."

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