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For the alternate boss fought at this location, see Dark Akanan.
Akanan the Sluice-Keeper
Akanan the Sluice-Keeper (Enemy).png
Type Guardian
Location Twilight Desert - map K
(Boss of Twilight Desert (Battle))
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 2


Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes Akanan's Bracelet, Akanan's Rake, Promise of the Twilight, Twilight Desert Source None Phoenix Feather
Lv. 50 - 69 Mode Small Coin Pouch, Superior Cloth, Superior Leather, Twilight Energy Stone Western Blouse Fine HP Potion, Party Revival Feather
Lv. 80 - 90 Mode Empowered Enhancement Stone, Enhancement Elixir, Exquisite Cloth, Exquisite Leather, Small Coin Pouch Scholarly Witch Knitted Cape, Scholarly Witch Shoes Party Revival Feather, Masterpiece Bracelet Box

Quest-Only Drops[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • A 2 hit attack start with a slow scimitar slash, then claw slash.
  • A 2 hit attack starting with a spinning claw swipe.
    • Can be followed up with 2 aditional hits.
  • Raises his hand slowly and shoots out fireballs at designated locations. Those areas are now covered in "Sand Fog", which will slow down and damage any player it touches.
    • A mark will appear on the ground to show where the fireball will land.
    • If the players get hit by the fireball before it hits the ground they will gain a buff that grants immunity to the "Sand Fog" and their attack will have a chance to trip Akanan once. The easiest way is to stand at the mark.
  • Raises both hands into the air, and shrouds himself in sand.
    • When he's under this effect and you have the "Sand Fog" buff, your next smash will trip Akanan.

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