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Aislinn (NPC).png
Original Name Ailie
Alignment Colhen
Race Human
Occupation General Merchant
Location General Store, Colhen

A young woman originally from Rocheste. Her big city roots means she has an air of sophistication.

Aislinn is an independent, self-sufficient, sophisticated woman who owns the General Store in Colhen. She has moved to Colhen from the grand city of Rocheste, which she knows like the back of her hand. She is generally warm and welcoming, but she keeps a tight lip when it comes to her history in Rocheste. Rumors have it that the grand fashionista of Rocheste has already played a hidden marriage...?

She treats clothes as mere vanity, but enjoys putting herself into various dresses, although Clodagh doesn’t seem to share her views. Which is why Aislinn does that when Clodagh is not around. Despite that, Aislinn takes care of Clodagh as if they were sisters.

Despite her looks, Aislinn is one of the rare kind souls you could meet. She’s cheerful, a bit intimate. When talking she is proven to be a very good listener, showing great concern for other people’s affairs. However, talking about her past is the topic that should be avoided, as it would eventually result in an awkward kind of feeling that she’s trying to buy something.

Aislinn has a quite interest for diamonds and jewelries, and once told the mercenary how she wanted to be a jeweler.

Ugh, Colhen is so dull! Fenella's been keeping me

company, though.

~ 'Aislinn'

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Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "The weather is lovely enough for a stroll. Too bad we can't leave the safety of Colhen..."
  • "My shop requires goods from Rocheste, but I suppose I must wait until a mercenary is free to escort me. "
  • "Oh, how I miss the city! The people, the sights, the hustle and bustle! And most especially, I miss... (Aislinn looks away, her lips pursed,) Enough talk. Are you here to buy something?"
  • "Have you ever been to Rocheste? It's magnificent! When...if I ever move back, I'll show you around."
  • "It's funny how life surprises you. I never would have imagined I'd leave Rocheste."
  • "(Aislinn looks wistfully to the south.) The walls of Rocheste are so close...yet so far."
  • "(Aislinn scoffs.) Soldiers of the Royal Army are commonplace in Rocheste. A bit of polish on their armor and they think they rule the world. Hmph. "
  • "I'm so bored, I'm tempted to chat with Fenella's livestock. There's no entertainment in this dingy little town!"