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Ainle is the third boat from the port at Colhen. Ainle can be described as a dark, desolate city torn apart from an attack of Fomorian origin. This was Fenella's hometown. Goblins, Vampires, and Blood Jelly can be found here.

Goblins are slow moving enemies with significantly lower attack and intellect. They do not avoid attacks and are relatively easy to hit. Vampires vary in intellect and attacking power. They are easily distinguishable (some having black coats, others red) and each have a distinct attack pattern that is often predictable to veteran players.

Unlike most other boats there are no active traps that players must avoid like most other areas. The only actual environmental threats to player are the fires throughout the city, that prevent passage for players unless extinguished by water, and the brittle passageways up and down the inside of tall tower-like buildings. If a character is to fall through the passageway after stepping on a brittle section, they can receive significant fall damage.

In one of Ainle's Graveyards (found in the last map of Shadowed by Darkness, Holy Ground, and The Weeping Queen), there is a pathway to a lower ascent, leading to The Catacombs.

Spoiler: (Episode 8 Part 2) It is revealed that the Pontiff's Court was behind the destruction of Ainle.

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