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Ahglan (Enemy).png
Type Golem
Location Ortel Castle
(Boss of Ahglan the Golem)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 64 Exp: 2,280 HP by Group Size - 1: 615,570 2: 615,5703: 615,570 4: 615,570

Att: 8,835 Def: 6,930 Crit: 54 Res: 53 CritDmg: 150%

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Magical Ore Crystal Empowered Enhancement Stone, Luminous Crystal Powder, Old Fabric, Mana Dust, Enhancement Elixir, Mana Reformer, Magic Powder, Superior HP Potion
Hero Mode Magical Ore Crystal Ocean's Embrace, Sunset's Glow, Heaven's Radiance (in 2* or 3* quality) Empowered Enhancement Stone, Luminous Crystal Powder, Old Fabric
Break Offs Clear Ore Crystal, Blue Ore Crystal, Mysterious Emblem, Red Ore Crystal, Yellow Ore Crystal

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

  • Location: Head
  • Location: Chest
    • Number of hits: 8 {Shell), 1 (Ore)
    • Tips: Sticky Bomb only
    • Reward: Red Ore Crystal
  • Location: Left Hand
    • Number of hits: 6 {Shell), 1 (Ore)
    • Tips: Sticky Bomb only
    • Reward: Blue Ore Crystal
  • Location: Right Hand
  • Location: Right Foot
    • Number of hits: 5 (Shell), 1 (Ore)
    • Tips: Sticky Bomb only.
    • Reward: Clear Ore Crystal
      • It can be useful to have one player go across the map from Ahglan and lure him (by spamming sit), and have the other players with bombs tag him as he approaches the player. This can give the sticky bombs time to detonate, as Ahglan will try to get close to the luring player before doing his roll attack or spin, tossing the bombs away.
  • Ahglan's break offs can only be obtained via the gift sticky bombs on the map. They cannot be broken with any break off skills like Active: Frostbite, Active: Hand Bomb, Magnum, Fixed Shot, Eagle Eye Assault

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Walking (Trampling damage)
  • Stands still and roars (does no damage)
  • Rears right fist back, then punches the ground (clashable)
  • Swipe (to either side)
  • Two-handed ground slam
  • Combo 1: Stomp (left leg), Stomp (right), Ground Slam
  • Combo 2: Stomp (left leg), Stomp (right), Stomp (left), Swipe (optional)
  • Disassembles itself into separate blocks and pieces and whirls them around in a circle. Hits up to 3 times. Ahglan is invincible during the duration in which it is split apart (meaning even after the attack is finished, it is still invincible until all its parts go back together).
  • Curls up into a ball, and then rolls toward the player. Either stops or rolls again shortly after.
  • Very rarely, instantly does the ground slam attack with little warning.

Tips & Advice[]

  • Three words to describe this battle: area of effect. Almost all his attacks cover a considerable amount of the battleground.
  • Learning the limits of its disassemble attack is key to surviving this battle.

1) It hits 3 times; twice very quickly when it starts and once close to the end.

2) It has a 2 second windup before the first hit connects, but if you're caught in melee range of him when it starts you may get stuck on Ahglan and hit by the attack.

3) The attack stops damaging about 2.5 seconds after it reaches full speed, even though the rocks are still spinning.

  • If the Sticky Bombs have been thrown onto Ahglan, let Ahglan chase you to give the bombs time to detonate. Ahglan's roll and windmill attacks will remove any bombs on its body.
  • If you get knocked down inside the windmill attack, it is safer to stay down instead of using Standing Endurance's roll.
  • Flinching Ahglan while he is about to slam down on a player will cause the attack to instantly hit players (technical issue). As such, it is recommended, especially for ranged players, to attack after he slams down rather than right before it.
  • Near the end of the windmill attack, it's safe to go inside. (the rocks are still spinning around)
  • After he rolls, if he has his hands down and stays very still, it's a sign that he is going to roll again.
  • Ahglan's single punch (rearing fist back and punching) can be clashed by Karok.

Additional Notes[]

  • Various sticky bomb stations are located around the map. When obtained, they will replace your equipped secondary weapon slot with 3 Sticky Bombs. The Sticky Bomb stations will refill every time Ahglan loses 2 HP bars. Ahglan must be allowed to roar for the stations to refill.
  • According to Brakis, Ahglan was an ancient Golem of Ortel Castle long before Ingkells claimed the castle. Apparently, a boy fell off a cliff and Ahglan saved him. Afterwards, one of the former Lords of Ortel Castle was impressed and ordered Ahglan dug up and brought to the Castle for it to act as a guardian.
  • When Aghlan dies and collapses, his remains can hit any player that is underneath.

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