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Enchant Scroll.png
Agony Enchant Scroll
Rank F Suffix Enchant Sell Price 500 Gold (Icon).png
Restriction (Icon).png For Pants
This Enchant Scroll infuses magical power into your equipment.
Take this scroll to Brynn to unleash its potential.

AgonySuffix F Rank

  • Damages the opponent over time.
    Requires Attractively Foolish title.

Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.

How to Obtain[]

Drops in


Success Chance: 50-80%
Destruction Chance: 0%

  • Expires after 7 days
  • Can be currently placed on the Marketplace, if the the time before it expires is longer then 1 day.
  • The debuff can occur on enemies that attack you
  • Deals 15 damage per second while the debuff lasts