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Active: Soaring Ballet


- Can only be used when a Battleshade is equipped.
- Cannot apply Full Tilt Canopy or Spiked Ferrule unless timed correctly.
- Soaring Ballet lets you back flip twice to avoid attacks and give you some breathing room. Press the directional keys while flipping to chance direction.
- Using Regular Attack upon landing connects the skill to Bloom Crush.
- Using the skill stacks 2 additional Qi.
- Higher skill ranks increase the invincibility duration during the flip.

SP Consumed: 200
Can be bound to a Quick Slot or selected with [X] and activated with [Z].
<Other Control Method>
Mouse: [TAB] key
Keyboard: [TAB] key

Addictional Details[]

  • Lynn skill only.
    • Prolongs invincibility from Soaring Ballet by 0.25 seconds.
    • Stacks 2 extra Qi.