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Active: Paranomral Parasol


- Can only be used when a Battleshade is equipped.
- Can apply Full Tilt Canopy or Spiked Ferrule to this skill.
- Paranomral Parasol lets you open up the Battleshade and throw it forward, then use Qi to magically lash it in circles of hard thwacks.
- Paranormal Parasol can be linked to Iron Breeze by entering additional controls during the attack.
- Higher ranks of the skill will increase the attacks's power and your chance of knocking down enemies.

SP Consumed: 250
Can be bound to a Qucik Slot, or selected with [X] and activated with [Z].
<Linking to Iron Breeze> Mouse: After throwing the Batleshade forward, [Left-click] x 1
Keyboard: After throwing the Battleshade forward, [S] x 1

Addictional Details[]

  • Lynn skill only.
    • Increases damage by 10%
    • Increases your chance of kocking down opponents by 2%.

Skill Preview[]

Paranormal Parasol.gif