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Ability Points (AP) are used to improve skills by upgrading their ranks, use second transformation, giving equipment effects through Power Infusion, and restoring broken equipment through the Strange Traveler. AP gained through the completion of Battle Quests and the Meditation Skill, as well as by AP capsules.

AP сapsules can be obtained in a variety of ways:

Divine Blessing Stones or AP Blessing Stones can increase the amount of AP gained in a battle.

Daily Battles (the TODAY) flag[ | ]

Every day, a random battle in each boat is designated with a special TODAY flag. This is known as "the Daily battle" for that boat. Every player sees the same Daily battle. Daily battles are special in that they offer bonus AP.

  • You can do a Daily battle for a specific boat only once per day, after which the TODAY flag is removed.
  • The Daily battles are reset every night at 5 PM PST (8 PM EST, 12 AM GMT).
  • The AP given for a Daily battle is the same amount as if the player had never completed the battle.
    • For example, Decisive Battle has a maximum of 50 AP, but the player has done it so many times that the AP given drops to 5. When the "Daily" comes on for Decisive Battle, it goes back up to 50 AP, and when completed, drops back to 5.
  • If a group fails a Daily, it may be reattempted provided players do not leave the boat when the failure results are displayed.
  • During 2x AP events, AP gained as part of a Daily will not double.
  • Dailies are set on a per-player basis, meaning not all players necessarily have the same dailies.
  • Warning: Although assisting someone with a battle does not give the assister AP, it will still count as if they had completed the daily and the bonus AP is lost.

Battles[ | ]

For every battle, the amount of AP earned for a specific battle will drop by 5 AP each time the battle is completed, until a certain amount.

For Fomorian Emblem, Gold Leather, Wind Through the Ruins and Friends?, the minimum AP will drop to 0.

  • Example:
    • First Fomorian Emblem; 35 AP
    • Second Run; 30 AP
    • Seventh Run; 5 AP
    • Eighth Run; 0 AP

For Decisive Battle, Revenge, Hoarfrost Hollow, Southern Rock Cliff, Western Ice Passage and Meet the Cave Spider, the minimum AP will drop to 5.

  • Example:
    • First Decisive Battle; 50 AP
    • Second Run; 45 AP
    • Tenth Run; 5 AP
    • Eleventh Run; 0 AP

Every battle after that has a minimum of 10 AP every run.

Raid battles starting at Nightmare at the Ruins and onward will have a minimum of 20 AP every run.

On the Hero Mode, players receive an extra 5 AP.

Gaining AP when resetting skills[ | ]

You can get back AP invested in skills by resetting them with the one of the Skill Reset Capsules type.